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"Ein Buch sagt mehr als tausend Worte." (Anon)

"Mancher schreibt gleich zwei Bücher auf einmal: das erste und das letzte."

"Menschen mit einer neuen Idee gelten so lange als Spinner, bis sich die Sache durchgesetzt hat."

"Ich glaube nicht, dass es irgendetwas auf der ganzen Welt gibt, was man in Berlin nicht lernen könnte - außer der deutschen Sprache!"

(Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835-1910, US-amerik. Schriftsteller, besser bekannt unter seinem Pseudonym Mark Twain, nach seinem Aufenthalt in Berlin im Winter 1891/92)

Möglicherweise treffen alle drei Zitate von Mark Twain irgendwie auf mein Buch zu: es ist mein erstes (vielleicht letztes?) Buch, ich vermochte es in Berlin aber nicht auf Deutsch zu schreiben, und verrückt ist die Idee allemal! Möglicherweise sagt mein Buch aber mehr über mich und meine Arbeit aus, als alle anderen Inhalte dieser Website. Deswegen stelle ich es hier vor. Schließlich gilt: "Ein Buch sagt mehr als tausend Worte." (Anon)

Opportunities for Global Poverty Reduction
in the 21st Century

BuchdesignJohannes Lütz
Opportunities for Global Poverty Reduction in the 21st Century

The Role of Policy Makers, Corporations, NGOs, and Individuals

Das in Englisch verfasste Buch ermutigt dazu, sich am Kampf gegen die Armut in der Welt zu beteiligen. Von dem in Handarbeit gefertigten Hardcover-Buch wurden nur wenige Exemplare gefertigt. Mit s/w Abb.

Aus der Einleitung (Original auf Englisch): Every hour of every day 1,200 children die from poverty-related causes. An afternoon may roughly be the time it takes to read through this book. Think about it – by the time you have finished reading this book, the world will be several thousand children “poorer.” In today’s globalized world, poverty is no longer beyond anyone’s reach but has been shown to reside right on our doorstep. Indeed, the world has “shrunk” into a global village. Imagine: What would the distribution of wealth look like if the world had only 1,000 inhabitants? 150 villagers would live in rich neighborhoods, 780 in poor districts. About 100 people would own 85% of the wealth, while roughly half the village would fight daily for raw survival, on less than $2 per day. And yet, the ocean of opportunity is awash with an abundance of assets: it teems with life. Opportunities for Global Poverty Reduction in the 21st Century heartily welcomes you to a motivating and hopeful tour of discovery...

252 Seiten (Hardcover)

Preis: EUR 28,00
ISBN 978-3-86682-107-1

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"In his dissertation Mr. Lütz has chosen to analyze ways to reduce poverty in the world. In contrast to the usual critical globalization debate, Mr. Lütz argues for an important role of corporations to fight poverty. For him, big and small are beautiful. This means that multinational companies as well as small companies can help to reduce poverty. Mr. Lütz discusses the poverty problem in a comprehensive approach. He combines the macroeconomic and microeconomic levels and discusses possible actions of different agents, especially policy makers, corporations, NGOs, and individuals. In the debate about poverty reduction, this approach is not common. Mr. Lütz managed to overcome boundaries of established thinking and in this way created something new."
— Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Herr, Chief Reviewer (Academic Director of the School of Labour Policies and Globalisation)

"This thesis is definitely an unusual one. Not only by its format. Johannes Lütz has delivered an opus with a more than challenging aim: display the opportunities of all men and institutions, regional and global, to fight human poverty. For this, the author exploited his own experiences and economic knowledge and interviewed experts from different areas, such as the German Minister Wieczorek-Zeul and University Lecturer Eileen Baldry from Australia. He demonstrated his ability to develop a clear story, full of interesting facts and numbers. His economic competence enabled him to draw compelling conclusions that show where the opportunities are. The thesis is based on excellent content."
— Prof. Dr. Sven Ripsas, Co-Reviewer (Director of the Institute of Management at the Berlin School of Economics)

"Opportunities for Global Poverty Reduction in the 21st Century presents the sobering reality of the world’s dire state of poverty. At the same time the book shines a hopeful ray of light on the path towards a poverty-free world. It is easy to follow and introduces views and ideas from key leaders and sectors in society pinpointing a myriad of opportunities which may be examined and pursued for the respect of human dignity and the betterment of the world. The book inspires empathy, hope, vision, and motivation. All leaders and laymen who cherish basic human values will be encouraged to take action in an endeavor to reach that grand goal which has never been more attainable than at the dawn of the 21st century: making poverty ‘history.’"
— Prof. Dr. Ulrich Trogele (North American Director for FMC Corporation and Professor at the Berlin School of Economics in Germany)

"‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’ This famous invitation to ‘dream audaciously’ has been attributed to none other than Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known as Mark Twain (1835-1910). One-hundred years later – in the early 21st century – another ‘audacious’ dream is presented to mankind: the dream of ending global poverty. Opportunities for Global Poverty Reduction in the 21st Century is an invitation to get on board, cast off, catch the trade winds, and discover new shores of human dignity, peace, and prosperity. Whether as politicians, corporate executives, aid workers, or individuals... I personally wish that the dream this book inspires will attract a widespread global following."
— Dr. Shlomo Ben-Hur (Chief Learning Officer DaimlerChrysler Financial Services AG)

"This is a book I recommend to anyone interested in the topic of poverty reduction. What makes the book unique? I have read many accounts on the subject and after reading them have often felt more frustrated, helpless, hopeless etc. than before. This book is different. It offers hope, perspective and after reading it you really want to do something about poverty. The message of the book is clear and simple: It is possible to fight poverty! The book is authentic. From the start it inspires human empathy and encourages individual involvement. The author writes from his heart and has great compassion for the poor. The author himself has lived in eleven nations on five continents and has witnessed poverty, the onset of civil war etc. Anecdotes from the author's rich life make the book's dream of a poverty-free world both contagious and tangible. It is one of the most inspiring books about poverty reduction I have ever read."
— Dr. Dipl. Psych. Jens M. Unger (Developmental Entrepreneurship Research, Evidence-based practice Giessen University)

"Cuándo cayó en mis manos el libro “Opportunities for Global Poverty Reduction in the 21st Century”, lo tome cómo algo valioso, pues nos anima a defender esos ideales que están dentro de nosotros, a recobrar nuestra verdadera dimension humana. El libro declara creativa y ordenadamente a estar dispuestos a embarcar esa liberación de ser suaves en la lucha contra la pobreza, que no es cosa de pocos, y que todo tiene un sentido y una razón de ser. Me he deleitado entre sus páginas pues he encontrado que ese compromiso no es solo un deber de toda una sociedad, grupo, o conjunto político, si no también que nos exálta apasionadamente a una Alianza Humana, a un sentido inquebrantable de justicia y equidad."
— Wendy Barrón Pinto (Journalistin, Autorin und Gründungsmitglied des humanitären Vereins Globus Humanus e.V.)

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